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When 🚇 Singapore Metro NFT was setup, we envisioned a sales model of 1 Collection, Many Visitors. This in turn influenced the manner in which we priced our Art. We wanted to be inclusive and give as many people as possible the opportunity to browse and own a train carriage of their choice.


However, we began to receive tweets on our Twitter from established NFT Collectors who express desire in the entire Collection, rather than just a single NFT itself.


We hear you guys. Our team subsequently returned to the drawing board and unanimously felt that certain nuances of our NFTs had to be upheld. 

Singapore Metro NFT may release Collections from time to time that capture flavours of Singapore's Rail Network as lasting as 35 years in age. This is especially so for Retiring MRT Trains.


We certainly welcome competitive Collection Offers so long as the offerors are legitimate entities. However, we now place greater priority to hear from our Offerors on what they really like about the Collection. We want you to know how special each and every train carriage in Singapore means to us. 

To All Interested Collectors,

🚇 Singapore Metro NFT has implemented a Two-Envelope Process to screen every single interested Collector who wishes to Make Collection Offer on any of our NFT Collections (provided they have not been Sold).

Our Two-Envelope Process

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Still keen?
Respond to the ITT now!
Tender Closing Date
15 December 2022, 2359hrs (GMT+8)
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